Prospective Members

Membership in "The Star of Northwest Ohio" is open to all Ohio Northern students. Prospective members must demonstrate their performance ability on a wind or percussion instrument, or as a prospective member of the guard or twirling line. In addition, membership also requires physical coordination, endurance and the ability to memorize music and drill routines. The band does not use music on the drill field.


The marching band rehearses from 4:00 p.m. to 5:50 p.m. on Monday, Wednesday and Friday during fall semester, as well as Saturday mornings before home games. The band performs at all home football games and at least one away game each season. In addition, the band performs at the annual Harvest and Herb Festival Parade, the ONU Homecoming Parade and the Marching Band-o-Rama each year.

Band Camp

Band Camp is essential to the success of the ONUMB and has two important goals. During Camp you will learn the primary music and drill for the season. This will allow you to be more focused on the academic requirements of your degree when classes begin. The second important goal is camaraderie. During Band Camp you will learn to work with students from a variety of places and stations to create a world-class collegiate marching band program. Everyone is required to attend Band Camp. Camp will begin on Wednesday, July 29th for percussion players and guard members, and Thursday, July 30th for wind players. Please plan accordingly for this event (i.e. tell your parents). There is no additional cost for attending the camp. Since you will be moving into your permanent room for the school year at this time, you will want to bring all of your things. See you in Camp.

How do I join?

The first thing you must do is register for the Marching Band class when you come for your New Student Orientation on June 11, 12, 18 or 19. Marching band is listed in the official ONU course offerings and is offered by the Music Department. All students must register and receive academic credit for their participation. On your Orientation Day (June 11, 12, 18, or 19), you will have a course registration meeting. The course registration information is provided below. Be advised, science majors may have a lab conflict one day a week.

20553 MUSE 1051  1     1

Once you register for the class your name will be added to the official roster and database for 2020. You will be given additional information about the Band and Band Camp 2020.


We have much to do this season; there are five on-field performances for our home fans. But without a doubt, our most important responsibility is to create a safe learning environment; one that supports the very best in marching and music making. There will be a number of special policies and procedures to support this goal. For example, all practices of the entire ensemble must be held outdoors. The University is also requiring all faculty and students to have a COVID-19 test at the beginning of Band Camp. We will also be following social distancing guidelines during rehearsals and performances.

So again, we have much to do as WE'RE PLAYING IT SAFE IN 2020!!!!!